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Newcom became part of another

"Then the Master said: Go out on to the country roads. Whoever you find,
drag them in. I want My house full!"

Luke 14:23 (The Message)

Pastors Francois & René van den Bergh
have been called to go to the crossroads... Literally speaking, to the country roads, but also to the spiritual crossroads, the place where you must make a life changing decision. They have been called to help people taking the right direction on their life's crossroad!

Crossroad Gospel Message has been established in 1996 and registered as a non-profitable company this year (NPC2013/00234/08) to give donating companies such as ourselves a tax benefit apart from the greater blessing we received from God on our financial seed!

Crossroads' vision is simple: RESTORATION, EQUPPING and POSITIONING! Before you can EQUIP or POSITION someone in his or her purpose for this life, you have to RESTORE what the enemy has stolen and destroyed. All his lies and deceptions have to be exposed by the grace and power of Jesus Christ who shed His precious blood on Calvary so that we can be FREE! (John 8:44)

Hebrew 13:20  May God, who puts all things together, makes all things whole, Who made a lasting mark through the sacrifice of Jesus, the sacrifice of blood that sealed the eternal covenant, Who led Jesus, our Great Shepherd, up and alive from the dead,

One drop of His Blood can make all the difference!

God trusted Newcom to fulfill His prophecy over Crossroads!

God gave a promise to Ps Francois & René van den Bergh, directors of Crossroad Gospel Message in 2008 that He will provide them with a suitable vehicle for their ministry. At that time, Francois & René trusted God for a Vito Bus to comply with their ministry requirements. They waited patiently, trusting God for almost 4 years, beacuse they firmly believe that God is true to His Word!

In 2011, God spoke into the heart of De la Rey van Huyssteen and he shared the vision with the whole team of directors and their spouses. The vote was unanomous! All of them were in agreement that Newcom should initiate a Bus Fund in favour of Crossroads.

God placed a vision in our hearts
and seed in our hands....

Newcom is currently financing this Vito Bus and they can see God's favour upon their lives and business on a daily basis. Their testimony is growing by the day!


Crossroads pray constantly for Newcom Fluid Management and ALL their customers! Your business relationship with us has a positive impact on this ministry and together we ALL make a difference in so many people's lives who need a touch from the Master!

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